Tuesday, May 11, Sogo Eigo 2, 9:10-10:40 and 10:50-12:20 (Class #4)
Tuesday, May 25th, Sogo Eigo 2, 9:10-10:40 and 10:50-12:20 (Class #6)

Tuesday, May 18th, Sogo Eigo 2, 9:10-10:40 and 10:50-12:20 (Class #5)

Today: Continue in Unit 2.

Session 1: Read p. 34, A, 'Saving the Environment in Germany' and 'Changing lives in India;' Do p. 35, B, (match the word to its definition (n) = noun, (adj) = adjective, (v) = verb; ->SHOW ME

Session 2: In your group, Do p. 35, C, (Quiz game); Choose your answers in your group; just try to guess the right answer, you don't have to use the internet to do any research -> SHOW ME

Session 3: Watch this video:

Read p. 36, A; Do B, -> SHOW ME

If you are interested in this and you have time, you can visit their home page.



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