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February 2021

Friday, February 5th, Sogo Eigo 3, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #15)

Today: This is the last class for this semester, and this academic year. I will calculate and tell you your grades for this semester. 

I will put everyone into one big breakout room and then one by one you will come back to the main session and with me I will check your absences and the grades for your paragraphs. And then I will tell you your final grade. 

If you have any questions about English or your paragraphs, please stay in the breakout room until everyone has received their grades. Then we can deal with your questions. But my overall advise to everyone is that you should be checking your work more before sending it to be graded. Especially in the first semester, I spent too much time changing careless mistakes. There was a general improvement in the second semester, but also that is what I expected. Your teacher(s) next year will expect another improvement over this year.

Also, for some reason in this last paragraph, everybody suddenly started to use language that was too informal. For example: 'Let's' and 'I'm going too...' Download and read this document while you are waiting. It may be very important for your classes next year.

Download A Guide to Impersonal Writing