Friday, December 18th, Sogo Eigo 3, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #10)
Wednesday, December 21st, Sogo Eigo 4, 9:00:10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #11)

Monday, December 21st, Eigo Kiso 3, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #11)

Regarding our schedule for next year:

Class #12: January 4th (some extra work about formal writing and set paragraph #3 (deadline: January 16th)

Class #13: January 14th (Thursday)

Class #14: January 18th (We'll try to finish the textbook on this day)

Class #15: January 25th (Grades and final work)

Today: Start Unit 6, Opinion Paragraphs

Session 1: Look at p. 131; Look at the picture on p. 132; Answer this question from Ex. 1: Would you like to live in a place like this? Why or Why not? Answer for yourself. Read p. 133, A Healthy City. Do p. 134, Ex. 3. (I do not like question #3. Can you think why it's a bad question?)

Session 2: Do p. 134, Ex. 4, #1 and #3. Make answers in your group. Answer this question for yourself: Which do you prefer: to live in a big city or the countryside? Why?

Session 3: Do p. 137, B. You must do this carefully and with your dictionaries. Check that you know what a 'collocation' is, because this exercise is asking you to recognise some collocations. There is a careless spelling mistake in the book: architeture -> architecture. Please fix it. 



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