Friday, June 26th, Sogo Eigo 1, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #9)
Monday, June 29th, Eigo Kiso 1, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #8)

Friday, June 26th, Advanced Practicum in English. (Class #9)

Students, we will now move to the last part of the course. Until now, everybody has been set the same task, but in the last part of the course, you should look at some research in a field that specifically interests you. So, everybody's topics can be different. Look for some research that has been done in your area and is likely to be similar to what you are studying or will study in the future. The idea of this part of the course is for you to make something that will be a good practise for some research that you are or will be doing. 

We have achieved 70% of the grading. The last 30% is split into two parts: the first 10% is for producing a script that you can then use in making a video abstract. And the video abstract is worth 20%. 

This is different from writing an abstract. Your written abstract had to follow strict rules about structure: Background->Purpose-> Method-> Results->Discussion. A video abstract is not like that. It is much more like a summary of your research. if you watch this video on Youtube, you can get a much better idea. 

Now, that explanation was done by a scientist and is very long and professional. The video abstract that was described is here:

But you do not have to aim for anything as long or as professional as this!  

Your final video abstract only has to show me that you can make something like this, either by using movie software or Powerpoint/Keynote or some other kind of presentation software. Show me that you can make some kind of presentation with video and/or graphs and/or pictures and/or slideshow, etc. Keep the final video abstract between one and two minutes, and the amount of script that you submit must be at least enough to use for a minute of presentation time. 


The main problem for this is finding a source of material. You must avoid copyright problems at all cost! Find some open source material either in English, or your own native language. If you find it in English, you must paraphrase/summarise to avoid plagiarism. If you find some source of material in your own language, you have to translate it into English. OR, you can write an original script using open source pictures, etc, from the internet. To state it succinctly, I want a script from you that I can give back after I have checked it and then you can use it for making a presentation. 

You have two weeks to do this. You should send it to me at latest by July 10, but you can send it anytime before that. Then the final deadline for the video abstract is August 7th, (Class #14). Class #15 is traditionally for checking grades, but in your case you will probably know your final grade before then. You may submit the video abstract at any time as well, after I have returned your script. Once you have given me the video abstract and I have graded it, you have finished this course. I'll mark you as 'present' for all remaining classes until the end. 

Some advice: in previous years there have been problems when students wanted to use their undergraduate thesis from TPU. That is because they needed to get permission from various people and supervisors. I strongly suggest you avoid this route. Look for something open source on the internet or invent something. For this last part of the course, I basically only care about two things: that you can produce a visual presentation in English of some sort according to your scientific interest, and that none of us get into any trouble by using copyrighted material or not getting permission that we in fact needed. 

I am available on Zoom at the usual time on Friday. If you don't need have any questions, please email me to say that you are ok. Then I can mark you 'present.'


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