Tuesday, April 19th, Toyama Tandai, Business English 2, 9:10-10:40 and 10:50-12:20 (Class #2)

Today's class:

I know you do not have your textbooks yet. On this page there are three pages from your textbook, pages 8, 14 and 15. These are the pages we will do today. You can download the pages onto your computer if you want to. 

Today's class is divided into 3 parts. 

Part 1. 

We will do page 8 together. Please listen as I explain about the pronunciation exercise and the Grammar for Speaking. Then please listen as I read pages 14 and 15. 

Part 2. 

I will put you all into some 'breakout rooms' with some partners. In your breakout room, please make 1 'How often ....?' question each for me. Every question should be different. When you have made your questions please practice, and then come back to the main room and ask me your questions.

Part 3. 

Go back into your (same) breakout room and do page 14, B and page 15, C. Check that all your answers are the same. Then come back to the main room and tell me your answers. (I will ask you, so please answer.)

Finish. After you have finished part three, you can leave the meeting. When you get your textbook, please write your answers from last week's class and this week's class into your textbook. I will see you next Tuesday at school. 

Page 8. 

Page 8

Page 14.

Page 14

Page 15.

Page 15

Thursday, January 6th, Eigo Kiso 4, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #13)

Today: We will do parts out of Unit 10 that are easy to do online. We will complete the other parts in class #14, at TPU. 

Session 1: Check the vocabulary on p. 109. Use a dictionary if necessary. Do p. 110, A, B and C. I will check A and C today and B in the next class. -> Show me (come back to the main session)

Session 2: Go back to your breakout room and in Zoom, open up 'Share Screen' and then the Whiteboard. As a group, write answers to p. 111, D. When you have finished, one person come back and call me and then I will come to your room and check your answers. 

Session 3: Do p. 114/115, A, B and C. -> Show me (come back to the main session)

During the lesson, if you come back to the main room and I'm not there, just wait. I will return soon.

Thursday, November 25th, Eigo Kiso 4, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #8)

Today's class: In today's class we will do the easy-to-check parts of Unit #8: Artistic Vision. Next week, in class, we will go back to do the sentences and a conversation topic for points towards your grade for this semester. 

There is a mistake in the Word Form Chart on p. 86: 'depressing' is an adjective. Please add it to the Adjective column. In the Adverb column, please change 'depressing' to 'depressingly.'

Session 1: Check the vocabulary on p. 85, especially 'available.' (Use a dictionary if necessary.) Do. p. 86, A and B. Do p. 87, D -> SHOW ME

Session 2: Do p. 90, A, B and C -> SHOW ME

Session 3: Do p. 91, E (Look at the five symbols; the first one is finished for you: A heart is a symbol for love./A heart symbolizes love. Use the same patterns for the other four symbols.) -> SHOW ME

If we finish early, watch this:

Monday, November 22, Eigo Kiso 3, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #7)

Session 1: Read p. 112, Ex. 1 (Something Wild); Do p. 113, Ex. 2, A -> SHOW ME

Session 2: Do p. 113, Ex. 2, B, #2, , #3, #4 and #5. -> SHOW ME

Session 3: Read p. 114, Rhetorical Focus; Do Ex. 3 (Be careful of #9) -> SHOW ME

Please remember to bring your second process paragraph next week to Class #8, and I will check it in class as usual. Also remember that it should be a very good paragraph in order to get a good grade. 

Friday, October 15th, Sogo Eigo 3, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #2)

Information regarding our schedule:

There is NO class next Friday, October 22nd; it is a holiday at TPU. The next scheduled class is on TUESDAY, October 26th (金曜日の授業). HOWEVER, I must teach at Toyama Tandai on that day. So, our 3rd class will be face-to-face on October 29th. There will be a make-up class at the end of the semester. There is no problem about this. 


Session 1: Look at the picture on p. 109. You can watch the video here:

The part where she licks the frog from about 2:20, so I suggest you watch from the beginning until this point. After this, most of the video is about insects.  How does she test whether the frog has toxins? She says one word; what is it?

Do p. 109 B  -> Come back to the main room.

Session 2: Do p. 110 C; Do p. 111, A -> Come back to the main room. 

Session 3: Do. p. 111, B, #1 and #2. -> Come back to the main room.


Thursday, October 14th, Eigo Kiso 4, 9:00-10:30 and 10:40-12:10 (Class #2)

Today: We will continue in Unit 6. Next week we will go back to face-to-face classes, so I only want to do two pages in the text book because we need to go back to some earlier pages in the next class for discussion. 

Session 1: Do p. 66, A and B. 

-> Come back to the main room

Session 2: Read p. 67, Evening Lecture Series; Do C and D (use the pattern given in #1)

-> Come back to the main room

Session 3: Do p. 67 E (use the pattern given in #1)

-> Come back to the main room